True Story Award: Global Reporter Summit 2019 in Bern

VON Lucas Hugelshofer


Thanks to the True Story Award, a new prize for written reportage, over 60 reporters from all around the world will come together in Bern, Switzerland, from 30 August to 1 September 2019.

The prize recognises written reportage from all countries in the twelve most spoken languages worldwide. It will be awarded to contributions that qualify through in-depth research, journalistic quality and societal relevance. 

The prize aims to motivate journalists across the globe and to support their significant work. In many places around the world, the loss of diverse and independent media coverage limits the ability of the public to freely form critical opinions. This makes courageous and innovative reporters even more important – in all societies and countries. It is for these reporters that the True Story Award has been created. In a first step, a jury representing 29 countries nominates a total of 42 reporters. In a second step, an eight-person jury determines the winners.    

The nominees and selected members of the international jury are invited to attend the award ceremony in Bern, Switzerland. During a three-day festival, they share stories about their work in various contexts. At about 50 public events they provide insights into the conditions under which their research was carried out, discuss some of the obstacles and resistance they faced, tell stories, and provide the public with new persepectives on contemporary events. It will be the first festival of its kind in the German-speaking area. Apart from the award ceremony, entry to all events is free of charge. 

The True Story Award was designed and launched by Reportagen magazine, the award and the accompanying festival will be carried out in close collaboration with Bern Welcome. The prize is funded by the newly founded True Story Award Foundation. 

The True Story Award is now open to submissions. 

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