Reportagen – World Events in Small Format

Reportagen is tempting its readers to different realities: Six times a year the world’s true stories written by outstanding authors.

Reportagen includes six long-form literary feature stories, comes out compact, bound as if it were a book. Photographs are deliberately excluded. The written word is given priority to. Visual farsightedness is assured by innovative illustrators.

Reportagen stands for thorough investigation in the centre of things, close to the scene of the event and its protagonists, at all times off-mainstream.

Reportagen is about to newly define the report as a journalistic as well as literary genre. The magazine considers itself to be a forum for authors and journalists publishing their insights and their spellbindingly told stories in a new language and a comprehensible way.

Reportagen is published in Switzerland, Germany & Austria, is available in bookshops, at larger newsagents, in various sales outlets or as subscription. It can be ordered online around the world.

Editorial office: 

Monbijoustrasse 36, CH-3011 Bern, Switzerland
Phone +41 31 981 11 14
[email protected]